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Welcome to our chat rooms. These rooms have been provided for you to allow more real time conversation with other users and friends, you will need to register before you can start chatting and we would appreciate if you could use the same name which you use on the forums. Before you continue into chat please read over our safety and courtesy rules below.

These rules are in place only for the safety and comfort of each user, breaking any of these rules may result in penalty points being added to your account or being banned from the site.

chat room

There are currently Four (4) rooms available in the chat area.

The Lounge - for general chat. 

Tuff Topics -  for chat of more sensitive or triggering nature. 

Teens Loft - for teens only (password protected, ask admin for access).  

Family & Friends - for family and friends of survivors.

         Please register with the same name you use on the forums.

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